• Fire Fighting - Who is Responsible?
    • 2017-03-07 10:10:28

    Fighting a Fire – Where does the responsibility fall? The requirement to provide adequate firefighting equipment in buildings is a long standing obligation under fire safety legislation。 where necessary: a) The premises are, to the extent that is appropriate, equipped with appropriate fire- fighting equipment; b) Any non- automatic fire- fighting equipment so provided is easily accessible, simple 。。。

  • The location in Haikou City Xiuying District Parking Inside the scrapped car get fire
    • 2017-03-03 14:30:21

    The location in Haikou City Xiuying District Haiyu midline Hainan Industrial Recycling Vehicle Recycling Co。, Ltd。 Parking Inside the scrapped car get fire。 At 20:35pm on February 28,2017, Haikou city Public Security Fire Brigade 119 command center received a mass alarm:The location in Haikou City Xiuying District Haiyu midline Hainan Industrial Recycling Vehicle Recycling Co。, Ltd。 Parking Inside。。。

  • Zhejiang TIANTAI Foot Bath’s fire, lijiang City’s boy(Yonglao Mao) with his bare hands to save 6 life
    • 2017-02-09 19:57:20

    On the evening of February 5, Zhejiang TIANTAI Foot Bath has had fire, killed 18 people, 18 people were injured, including one serious injury. In the fire, there was a Lijiang’s boy in a crisis, rescued six fresh life in danger, or may be even more serious consequences. The thing back to lijiang,netizens to forward in weibo friends circle, all for the small thumb up. Incredible Experience life and...

  • The maintenance of agricultural irrigation hose
    • 2017-01-11 09:24:47

    Now the weather is getting cold, especially in winter, agricultural irrigation activities became less, so agricultural irrigation water hose is barely used now. So what matters in water irrigation usage and storage? Usage: 1, When connecting the hose with hose connector, pad a layer of soft protection, then use galvanized steel wire or hoop truss. 2, When using agricultural Canvas Water Hose, high...

  • Severe fire in Niigata
    • 2017-01-10 10:35:13

    A severe fire occurred in Niigata country, Japan on December 22nd, 2016 local time. 140 buildings were burned in a restaurant fire which was spread by high winds .Two men were injured. The fire occurred in the morning, the authorities believe that most of the residents are not at home when the incident, and because the 40 km/h strong typhoon, the fire spread rapidly. The local fire department sent...

  • The necessary parts of Fire Safety Equipment
    • 2016-12-05 09:48:43

    Many practical cases shows that in a fire, the most important aspect of a building's safety is the possibility of safe escape. An important precondition is that its Fire Safety Equipment enable independent and adequate fire response performances by the building's occupants. In many countries around the world, building codes are shifting from prescriptive- to performance-based for technical, econom...

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