• 25MM Canvas Hose 1 inch Canvas Hose 8 Bar
    top quality Fire hose for water delivery and fire fighting use which is made of Rubber lined and polyester filament.

    标签 : Hose PVC Hose fire fighting hose

  • 40mm 1.5" Synthetic Rubber lining Fire Fighting Hose
    1. Synthetic Rubber or PVC or TPU Lining fire hose . 2.The jacket is polyester filament or polyester short-fiber. 3.There are special adhesive between the jacket and the hose. Thefire hose is soft and highly polished to reduce the flow resistance. 4.The Fire Hose is thinner and  softer, lighter and more convenient to use. 5.High pressure resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, aging resistance, wear resistance. 6. Different color lining of Fire Fighting  Hose . We can provide: blue, black, red ,green , etc or according to your requirement. 7.The length of fire hose we can provide: 10m - 30m or according to your requirement.

    标签 : 消防水带 Fire Fighting Hose 1.5" Fire Hose

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